GameTextures-Game Texture Bundle 1, Сборник текстур



GameTextures-Game Texture Bundle 1: еще один сборник паков профессиональных, бесшовных, качественных текстур для игр, игровых и анимационных проектов.

Каждая текстура сопровождается:

d = Diffuse map
s = Specular map
g = Gloss map
n = Normal Map
nY+ = Normal Map with y+ (An inverted green channel, works best with UDK, 3DS Max)
t = Transparency Map
h = Height Map
e = Emissive Map
p = Only on Decal images, this is the preview image of what the decal looks like on a transparent background.
r = Reflection Mask, to be used if your scene has a cube-map, or other reflective objects or properties.

Состав сборника:

-Bare Concrete – 21
-Blotchy Ancient Concrete Wall
-Damaged Brown Wall
-Moss Covered Brick and Plaster Wall
-Painted Steel with Light Dirt
-Plaster Wall with Grungy Base
-Plastery Brick Wall
-Rough Lead Metal
-Rusted Solid Metal
-Rusty Base Metal Generic 19
-Rusty Iron Metal
-Steel Brushed Metal

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Разрешение: TGA, 256×256 px, 512×512 px, 1024×1024 px, 2048×2048 px.
Размер архива: 896.02 MB


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