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3d модель стола TOBI-ISHI T160

страна производства: Италия
Бренд: B&B Italia
Коллекция: MAXALTO

Архив содержит модели в формате Cinema 4d, 3ds Max, fbx, и все текстуры. Материалы Vray.
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The name refers to the ornamental stones in Japanese gardens, which have inspired the components of Tobi-Ishi. It converges both functional features and a statuesque appearance with amazing results.

The overhanging top and bases look different depending on the viewpoint, while the various finishes endow the table with highly personal interpretations: from cement to marble and lacquer in the sophisticated hues of red candy and blue smoke.

Originally round in shape, it is now presented in larger version with a rectangular top tapered at the ends, the range of finishes is also expanded with 16 satin lacquered finishes, for both the round and the new rectangular version, joining the two glossy lacquered finishes Candy Red and Smoke Blue and the original cement finish.


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